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Frequently Asked Questions About CondoShow

What is CondoShow?

CondoShow is a premier real estate development, management and investment company headquartered in Toronto, Canada with international offices in London, United Kingdom and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With CondoShow, you get the chance to buy for less, with a low down payment. You also have the ability to ‘Flip’ your units prior to completion. 

Why was CondoShow formed?

CondoShow was created to capitalize on the development of three of the most exciting cities in the world: Toronto, London and Dubai. Real estate development is happening on a major scale in these areas. How do you get in on the action? We allow the general public to buy properties that are only normally offered only to investment consortiums. 

What is CondoShow’s ambition?

CondoShow is a professional sales, marketing and real estate development company. We take great pride in providing innovative property solutions in Toronto and other major cities to people everywhere.
Toronto is well known as a rapidly growing, cosmopolitan city. If you are an investor, you owe it to yourself to see what Toronto has to offer. Prices here are very attractive and have not increased at the same level as other international destinations.  

What investment opportunities does CondoShow offer?

CondoShow offers individuals investment opportunities to purchase their own home in one of many well researched developments.

As an investor looking to invest in one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan cities, there opportunities are endless in Toronto and Dubai as prices have not increased in the same scale as other international destinations. 

If I am interested in buying property or land through CondoShow how do I contact them?

CondoShow can be contacted via telephone or email. Be sure to register for up to date information so you can find out about the best deals the moment they are announced 

How is CondoShow different from other firms?

CondoShow has the purchasing power to dominate the condominium market. We have access to the best projects at the best prices; it’s that simple. Whether you are first time buyer or a real estate investor, we offer comprehensive turn-key services tailored to your needs. Our relationship does not end when you sign your purchase agreement…it’s simply the beginning of a long term commitment.

CondoShow is well positioned within the market as it is a real estate marketing and management company with the financial resources, management ability and industry support to undertake large-scale, market-driven projects that provide the possibility of impressive returns for purchasers.

We actively engage in strict feasibility studies for all our projects and ensure endurable master planning and unique returns on investment for all our clients.  

Do I need brokerage representation when I buy a condo with the assistance of CondoShow?

No. CondoShow works in a turn-key fashion and has its own registered and licensed real estate brokers on-site to assist you. It is a good idea however when buying a condo to secure the services of a real estate attorney to represent your best interests. 

Which condo can I afford?

Great question. This depends on a number of important financial variables: your down payment, closing costs and others. The greater the down payment, the more expensive a condo you can afford because your mortgage will be smaller.

What else affects your condo purchase? Interest rates, the type of mortgage and the mortgage term. Typically, lenders will allow you to pay, at most, 29% of your gross monthly income towards your mortgage payment, real estate tax, insurance and condo association fees. Your total monthly debt payment (including car loan, credit cards etc.) should not exceed 41% of your gross monthly income. Looking for a waterfront condo on the beaches of Toronto? Contact us.  

What expenses will I incur when purchasing a condo through CondoShow?

CondoShow DOES NOT charge membership, registration, monthly dues or any other form of fees from buyers at any time. 

Can CondoShow help me obtain a mortgage?

Yes. CondoShow has developed relationships with several mortgage lenders who offer a variety of financial products to international condo buyers. 

How do I start a relationship with CondoShow?

You can initiate a relationship over the telephone, in person or right here on our site. We make it easy!

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